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The Nocturnes Began in Anaheim California in 1961 as the Vi-Counts playing various Jr. High and High School dances and with a personnel change in 1963, they became the Nocturnes.  Bruce McCoy and Paul Floodman remember their first show in 1963 was at the Glacier Falls Ice Skating Rink and the boys remember that show as being very cold!  They went on to play Supermarket opening gigs, the Rendezvous Ballroom in Balboa, Retail Clerks Ballroom in Buena Park where they backed Eddie and the Showman, and won most of the battle of the bands contests that were happening in the area.  As the Nocturnes, the group played at every high school and Jr. High in Orange County.  They played regularly over 2 years at Disneyland and worked as the house band at the Revelaire Club in Redondo Beach as a result of beating the Crossfires in a battle of the bands contest.  At the Revelaire Club, the Nocturnes backed Caesar & Cleo (Sunny and Cher), The Coasters, the Ventures, Round Robin and the Rivingtons and many others.   After the British Invasion in 1965, the group changed their name to the Magnificent VII and continued as recording musicians at Western Studios.  Shortly thereafter, the band members began going separate ways by joining other bands and one member was drafted into the Army.  This would seem like the end of the story until…March 28, 1999 when there was a Rendezvous Ballroom Reunion at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orange County for the surf band that played their back in the days before it burned down.  


The members of the band that were still in Orange County, Paul Floodman, Bruce Mc Coy, Kurt Steinbeck, and Jim Frias met and decided to begin rehearsing for the big reunion show that was to be headlined by Dick Dale.  They could not find the original lead guitarist so they reached out to Rick Bastrup who was in another Surf Band in the 60’s called the Avengers VI and he joined the Nocturnes for the show.  It was such a huge success, they decided to keep playing and with a few personnel changes, the Nocturnes are playing various shows, clubs, parties and corporate events today!

Avengers VI

Rick Bastrup’s band, The Avengers VII, was formed 1964 by guys from Anaheim High School.   They began playing school dances and worked their way up to the Disneyland Space Bar by 1966.  Later that year, they met record producer George Garabedian from Mark 56 Records who had seen them playing around town.  George approached the guys with the idea of making a record.  So, well after the surf music craze was over and British Invasion in full swing, the Avengers VI recorded their album, Real Cool Hits.  Around 1968 the band members went their own way with various projects and in 1999 the Nocturnes approached Rick about taking over as lead guitar for their band, and it’s a position he still holds today!

Richard Ferrin: 

Richard started off in the school band, orchestra, and eventually the marching band thru collage. Later he began playing at Disneyland in the many live stage venues thru out the park and even being recorded for may Disney show tracts for parades, rides and shows.  As a Disneyland entertainer and musician, he performed not only live shows and voice over work throughout the park, he is most noted for the “most parades performed” as King Lion of the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade. Also a show director and producer including productions for Disneyland. Richard is not only a musician, but has over 35 years experience as a Theme park Designer and specialist in Special Effects design including robotic animatronics, mechanical effects, thematic design, music & sound effect development and environment creation. Co-owner and Theme park Designer of R&R Creative Amusement Designs, Inc. (business partners with Lead Guitar player Rick Bastrup). And if that wasn’t enough, Richard also holds the position of Specialist Designer, aka: the Mad Scientist at JMP Creative. Here all his talents come together to solve problems in the entertainment industry, thru creative design development, artist, music and sound effect development, mock-up / prototype design / development / creation, invent new equipment, special effects including designs for toys, shows and promotions. While noted for his playing in swing and jazz bands, he brings that big horn sound to the rockin’ surf music of the Nocturnes for over 21 years.

Craig Skelly:

Craig started his own surf band in the mid 90’s and met Bruce McCoy through a mutual friend and suggested that Bruce join his band.  That band, the Breakaways, play traditional instrumental surf music have been together since then and are still playing today.  More recently, The Nocturnes called and asked if Craig would sub in the band for a series of shows over the summer in 2013 as Kurt Steinbeck was deciding to go solo.  Craig completed the series of shows and the band was very complimentary about his style of rhythm guitar playing.  His years of guitar lessons in the Chuck Berry style of playing paid off as he continued occasionally playing with the Nocturnes for the next year until they asked him to be a full member of the band late in 2014.  Craig performed with the Nocturnes thru 2019.

The Nocturnes Today:

Bruce McCoy - Original Nocturnes member on Drums and Vocals

Paul Floodman - Original Nocturnes member on Bass, Acoustical Guitar and Vocals

Rick Bastrup - Original member of Avengers VI , Joined the Nocturnes in 1999 on Guitar, keyboards, trumpet and vocals

Richard Ferrin - Richard has been with the Nocturnes since 2000 on Saxophones and Keyboards

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